ready to give up dieting but not sure what to do instead?

I help busy moms ditch the diet rules and learn to eat to improve energy, reduce cravings, and support long-term health without counting or giving up their favorite foods.

Hi, I’m Sarah!

registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and mom of 2 who runs on coffee and a strong passion for helping other moms feel confident around food and in their bodies.

Because there isn’t enough time in your day to obsess and stress about everything you eat.

Rooted in the principles of intuitive eating, my 6-pronged UNDIET approach will help you build health habits that last and support the life you want.

You don’t need another set of rules or a quick fix. You’ve been there, done that and know that it doesn’t work.

What you need is a personalized approach that’s backed by research and rooted in real life.

together, we’ll pair the science with your life

because the best advice doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work for you

Do you feel like you know what you “should” be eating, but can’t make it happen? You know that eating more vegetables is good for you but you find yourself reaching for the chips and cookies instead of carrots and hummus and then find yourself wondering why you don’t have more willpower?

There’s nothing wrong with you. This is a result of living in diet culture.

Changing how you eat and your relationship with food has as much to do with understanding your physiology (why your brain drives you to eat carbs) as it does psychology (how your thoughts and beliefs dictate so many food decisions). Through mindset work, practical strategies customized to your lifestyle, and research-backed nutrition, you’ll learn how to better take care of yourself so you can actually eat to feel your best physically and mentally, without dieting.

Bring the joy back to eating with the UNDIET method

Uncover then unlearn diet rules keeping you stuck

Nurture a connection with your body’s inner hunger and fullness cues

Discover eating patterns that help you feel your best

Implement strategies to build consistency with healthy habits

Enhance your lifestyle with sleep, stress management, & movement

Trust your body’s inner cues to let go of diet rules

but don’t take it from me

take it from the women i’ve worked with…

Sarah is awesome to work with! She helped me finally understand what is “healthy” eating and make peace with food once and for all. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. I only wish I had met with her sooner!
Jamie S.
Mom of 2

I had such a great experience with Sarah. She is so empathetic and passionate about what she does. She made me feel comfortable right away with her non-judgmental, consistently research backed approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to address any health and wellness concerns or just generally to feel better!
Nicole H
Mom of 2

Sarah is a tremendous provider – over my 6 months of working with her, I’ve made so much progress reshaping my relationship with food, nutrition and body image. Highly, highly recommend!
Jill V.
30’s female

we believe that…


food is so much more than fuel

Yes, food provides the nutrients our body needs to thrive. It’s also culture, comfort, how we connect and show love. It’s pleasure and memories. It’s meant to be enjoyed without a side of guilt. Food is nourishment for your body and mind.


body confidence is an inside job

And it’s possible to accept and feel good about the body you’re in, right now. Feeling good in your body comes from exploring your beliefs and values, and learning to respect the body you have. It comes from connecting with your own needs, not from making them smaller.


health is defined by habits, not size

Health encompasses how you take care of yourself physically, mentally, and socially. Shrinking your body doesn’t necessarily make you healthier. Building habits that support your overall physical and mental well-being will make the difference in the longterm.

get to know Sarah


cape cod

favorite ice cream

coffee oreo

beach or mountains?

both? but if I have to choose, beach.

night out or in?

in. cooking for family and friends

friday night takeout order

pizza or thai

COFFEE order

coffee with whole milk


running anywhere along the coast

happy hour order

chardonnay in the summer, a big bold red in the winter

food you just can’t eat

anything with cilantro or cumin

dog or cat?

golden retriever

The formal stuff…

  • Bachelors in Business Administration, The George Washington University
  • Master of Science in Nutrition Communication from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University
  • Dietetic Internship, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Harvard University Teaching Hospital, Boston, MA
  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor