Cranberry Chia Overnight Oats


I'm just popping in to share a quick recipe before heading off to upstate New York to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I've been eating this all week for breakfast to use up the leftover cranberry sauce I shared last week and I figured you might enjoy it too. Overnight oats is the perfect post-Thanksgiving breakfast for a few reasons: 

  1. You get to eat more cranberry sauce. (Who doesn't want to continue the flavors of Thanksgiving for as long as possible?) 
  2. It is a light, yet filling breakfast to get your body back on track after a day full of indulgences. The fiber filled oats and chia seeds will help get your digestive system moving in the right direction (if you know what I mean) and stabilize your blood sugar.  The protein and healthy fat from the chia seeds and Greek yogurt will also help with the blood sugar stabilization and keep you energized for any Black Friday activities you have planned. Lastly, the cranberries can help reduce some of the bloat from the night before. This is my kind of detox - no crash diets required. 
  3. You make it ahead of time in about 3 minutes, so after days and days of cooking, you don't have to dirty another pan or spend any time in the kitchen. 
  4. It's also a great post-workout breakfast with quality carbohydrates to refuel your muscles and protein to repair. So get up and get moving a little Friday morning (sweating is one of our body's ways of detoxing, by the way) then grab these a jar of overnight oats to refuel. 

This is also a great breakfast to have the morning of Thanksgiving (remember, don't skip meals to save up for later - it will backfire!), as the protein, fiber, and fat will fill you up and keep you energized until the big meal. 


Have I convinced you to try these Cranberry Chia Overnight Oats? I hope so! 

Cranberry Overnight Oats 

Serves 2




  1.  Add all ingredients except cranberry sauce into a mason jar or other container (or separate into two as shown above). Whisk together until mixed. Place in fridge for at least 1 hour or overnight (can store for up to 3-4 days, just may need to add a little extra liquid to loosen before serving). 
  2. When oats and chia have formed more of a pudding like consistency (no extra liquid should remain), top with cranberry sauce and any optional toppings, and serve cold. If they are too thick, add a little extra liquid in the morning and stir around to loosen. You can also mix the cranberry sauce into the oats after they settle, which makes the beautiful bright pink color you see above. 

Note: This is a super flexible recipe so if you don't have cranberry sauce in your fridge, just top with any kind of fruit you have on-hand.