I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgram, and Mass General Brigham Health Partners. If you are part of one of these health plans, insurance may cover a large portion of my fee. There is still an out of pocket cost to work with me, regardless of insurance coverage. This fee covers everything that happens in between sessions that cannot be billed to insurance. This includes food journal reviews, personalized recipe curation, communication in between sessions (via chat), access to a personalized library of resources to support your work, and more.

If you have another health plan and have out of network benefits, you may be able to be reimbursed for our work together. I can provide a medical superbill (a receipt with all of the info your insurance company would need) for you to submit to your insurance company.

Yes, absolutely. We always take into considerations any special dietary needs and preferences. I regularly work with vegetarians and vegans, people with celiac disease and food allergies, and those with other dietary needs due to certain medical conditions. I can help you navigate the grocery store and curate recipes that meet your needs if that’s desired.

Change takes time, and is highly individualized. Most clients work with me for anywhere from three to six months. I require a three-month commitment to start, as this is the minimum amount of time it takes people to implement change and troubleshoot barriers in session.

All sessions are virtual, and take place on Healthie, a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.

We can either meet weekly or every other week. This depends on your schedule and how fast you’d like to get into the work. Most people like to meet with me weekly for the first few sessions, and then spread them out. We can discuss the best option for you at your first appointment.

Many of my clients desire support around meal planning or figuring out what to eat/cook. After all we make 21 meals per week (that’s 1,092 meals per year!!), so it’s not surprising if you’re experiencing decision fatigue. Many other clients also think they just want to be told what to eat. The reality is, a prescriptive meal plan is just a bandaid to the problem (have you ever truly followed a meal plan someone else wrote for you for more than a week?).

Instead, I give you the tools you need to make meal decisions for yourself. I have an extensive library of grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking resources that I will customize with you in session to help you feel more equipped to meal plan for yourself. This is the longterm solution so you’re not looking for another meal plan a week after we’re done working together.

Many people come to me thinking they want to be told what to eat. Wouldn’t it just be easier? However, what happens when you go out to eat and you have to make a decision on your own? Or, what if you don’t like the foods I tell you to eat? Or you’re still hungry after the meal I “assigned” you? What will happen when you’re tired of the plan I gave you? Or when we’re done working together and you don’t know how to put a meal together?

Instead of giving you a list of meals that are “on plan,” I will teach you how to put together meals and snacks that will satisfy you, fill you up, help you control cravings, and help you have the most energy you can. Together, we’ll brainstorm ideas that fit your individual food preferences. Over the course of our work, you’ll learn what foods feel good in your body and support your goals. I will provide recipe ideas/suggestions to get you started and help you build up a database for yourself to make meal decisions easier.

While I know decision fatigue is real and you want to be told what to do, I promise that in the long-term, you’re much better off learning how to build meals that satisfy you.

Food tracking can be very helpful in uncovering eating patterns and why you might be experiencing things like cravings, stress or other emotional eating, bingeing, and more. Many of my clients do track food for some time during our work together, but it’s not a long-term solution. In many cases, a few days of tracking is all we need to help you overcome your current roadblocks.

Some clients also find that having a little accountability with tracking can be helpful as they build new habits. That said, the type of tracking we do at Sarah Gold Nutrition is unlike anything you’ve ever done in an app. No calorie counts and no weighing or measuring your food. Our goal is to get away from those “tools” and help you learn to turn inward and connect with your body so you can experience true food freedom!

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