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Are you tired of your kids asking for sweets all day? Ready to end the power struggle with your kids over dessert?

If so, you’re in the right place and you’ll want to join my workshop dealing with desserts: how to raise kids who aren’t obsessed with sweets.

Get instant access to this workshop with Sarah Anzlovar, MS, RDN, LDN, registered dietitian & mom of 2

after this workshop, you’ll walk away with

  • a flexible framework to feel confident feeding your kids sweets easily and strategically
  • immediate actions to take to help take the power out of sweets for your kids
  • step-by-step best practices on how often to serve sweets to your little ones
  • exactly what to stop doing right away to help your kid build a healthy relationship to sweets
  • being able to navigate kid convos about desserts, sweets, and their favorite treats
  • clarity on the boundaries to set when your kids ask for more sweets or gets upset if you say no
  • a deeper understanding of why your kids won’t eat dinner, but ask for dessert (and what to do about it!)
  • strategies for what to do if another caregiver has a different approach around feeding your child sweets

what’s included…

Instant access to 60-minute workshop

Come learn the top strategies to end your struggles with dessert today

Downloadable scripts

Get age-appropriate scripts to use to talk to your kids (and other caregivers) about sweets. You’ll have exactly what to say when they ask why they can’t have something, when you get pushback, or if sweets are good/bad. You’ll also have the language to use around sweets in your house.