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Are you ready boost energy, cut cravings, and finally feel good around food and in your body?

You don’t need another diet.

You don’t need another meal plan.

You need to to UNDIET your life.

The UNDIET Method is the most effective way to end food and body obsession, build sustainable health habits, and feel in control around all foods, without giving up your favorite foods.

So you can stop stressing about what you eat. Forever.

Let’s ditch the guilt and out of control eating. And start eating to support living your fullest life.

you’re in the right place if you are tired of…

  • counting, tracking, restricting, and feeling like a failure when you can’t keep it up
  • the flip flop between “being good” or “bad” (you’re on a diet or wayyyy off the rails)
  • feeling out of control around foods like cookies, chips, or pizza
  • feeling guilty when you’ve eaten something like bagels, pasta, cake, ice cream, or candy
  • experiencing intense cravings for “bad” foods
  • worrying about how every bite of food will affect your weight
  • thinking about food and your body all the time
  • constantly thinking about what, when, and how much you should or shouldn’t be eating.
  • feeling overwhelmed or confused about what it means to eat healthy
  • hating how you feel about your body

You don’t need more willpower, you need a different approach.


what you’re doing to control your eating is actually what’s keeping you stuck feeling out of control.

You probably feel like the only way to control yourself around foods like chips and cookies is to get them out of the house.

But has that actually worked for you long-term? Research shows that restriction is one of the biggest predictor of binge-like behaviors. I have over 10 years of experience working with women just like you that shows the same thing.


The truth is, those rules haven’t worked before and they won’t work now. If diets actually worked, you wouldn’t be looking for a new one every season or starting over every Monday.


Intuitive eating isn’t just eating what sounds good even though that’s what it looks like on social media. It’s about learning how to take care of your body while making peace with foods diet culture has deemed as bad so you can live your life while taking care of your health and enjoying what you eat.

Imagine what it would feel like to never have to diet again.

  • build sustainable health habits that feel easy
  • have more energy and know you’re eating to take care of your health
  • enjoy pasta without a side of guilt
  • not think about food or your body all the time
  • be able to keep ice cream in your freezer without bingeing on it
  • know HOW to make food choices that support your health no matter where you are
  • stop emotional or stress eating
  • go out to a restaurant without stressing or looking at the menu ahead of time
  • know you’re modeling healthy eating for your kids and raising them in a home free of diet culture
  • to be able to trust your body’s own hunger cues and stop eating when you’re full


The UNDIET Method Program

an 8-week program where you’ll learn to eat to feel your best, inside and out…and finally feel free around food.

The Undiet method is for you if you are ready to..
  • let go of diet rules and build sustainable health habits that last
  • eat in a way that feels good in your body and increases energy
  • cut all those crazy food cravings
  • improve your physical and mental health
  • break free from obsessing or worrying about what you eat
  • feel in control and normal around all foods
  • stop stress eating or using food to cope with emotions
  • enjoy your favorite foods without bingeing or a side of guilt
MEET YOUR dietitian and coach

hey gorgeous,

I’m Sarah, registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and mom of 2 who runs on coffee and a strong passion for helping other women feel confident around food and in their bodies.

I spent a lot of my 20’s and early 30’s worrying about what I ate and trying to control my body. I know what it’s like to track every bite of food and to “run out” of calories by 4pm.

To wonder why I’m so hungry even though the diet told me I shouldn’t be. To feel completely out of control around cereal, baked goods, ice cream, chips, and more.

To feel guilty for eating pizza with my friends. To save up calories for a night out only to end up way over eating.

All of it was SO exhausting and time consuming. I couldn’t be happier to be on the other side of it.

To be in a place where I eat a salad for lunch because my body is craving something cool, crunchy, and nutritious. Or choose a sandwich because it sounds good and not think twice about eating two slices of the most delicious sourdough bread.

To be able to keep chocolate and ice cream and cookies in the house without thinking about them all the time (and even forget they’re there).

To be able to go to parties or out to eat and not come home completely stuffed or feeling terrible about myself and what I ate.

To know that I’m modeling healthy eating for my kids and raising them to have a healthy relationship with food.

And I know this is possible for you, too. Because I’ve helped countless women who never thought they could give up dieting AND feel good about themselves learn to do just that.

Inside The UNDIET Method…

a proven process to find food freedom


Understand and unlearn

In this essential phase of UNDIETing, we’ll explore all of the diet rules and beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals. You’ll understand the harms of dieting and build strategies to unlearn these behaviors so you can build new, healthy ones.



Next, you’ll connect with your hunger, fullness, and satisfaction cues and learn how to respond your body’s cues to help you decide what, when and how much to eat.



Then you’ll learn what foods and eating patterns will balance your blood sugar, which will in turn increase energy, reduce cravings, and help you feel your best. I’ll help you identify where you’ve been going “wrong” and what you can do to eat healthier without restriction.



You’ll create strategies around meal planning, grocery shopping, stocking your kitchen, and cooking food to make it easy to solidify your new healthy habits.



In this stage, you’ll build your emotional coping skills and enhancing your eating skills with the ability to respond to emotions in a helpful way without food.



Lastly, you’ll solidify trust in your body by letting go of any remaining diet habits and working towards body acceptance. We’ll further explore weight and body image concerns to hlep. you feel good in and about your body.

there’s more!

In addition to each of the weekly lessons and resources, you’ll get…

  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack lists that make eating balanced a no-brainer
  • My go-to tool-kid to end emotional eating
  • Meal planning templates, grocery lists, recipe ideas, and a guide on how to stock your kitchen for success.
  • A list of go-to affirmations to solidify healthy eating habits and talk back to the sabotaging inner critic

Plus these bonuses…

Worksheets & Journal Prompts

To solidify and enhance the group coaching sessions, you’ll get exercises, journal prompts, and worksheets.

Boost Your Body Confidence Training

True body confidence starts on the inside. Want to feel good IN and ABOUT your body? This bonus training will give you the tools you need to feel confident in your body, right now.

And one more for those that join early!

This fast action bonus expires in…

Boost Your Body Confidence Training

True body confidence starts on the inside. Whlie hitting certain number on the scale or fitting into your skinny jeans may give you a temporary boost, it never lasts. Want to feel good IN and ABOUT your body? Sign up by Wednesday October 18th and you’ll get to join a bonus training to gain the tools you need to feel confident in your body, right now.

This could be you in as little as a few weeks…

Self Paced Pay in Full

1 payment of


HSA/fsa approved
  • Self-paced 8-module program ($2400 value)
  • Worksheets, handouts, journal prompts ($247 value)
  • Meal planning templates, grocery lists, and guide on how to stock your kitchen ($197 value)
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner ideas ($147 value)
  • Bonus body image trainings ($797 value)
  • Bonus healthy weight workshop ($297 value)

Total value: $4,085

Self Paced Payment Plan

2 payments of


hsa/fsa approved
  • Self-paced 8-module program ($2400 value)
  • Worksheets, handouts, journal prompts ($247 value)
  • Meal planning templates, grocery lists, and guide on how to stock your kitchen ($197 value)
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner ideas ($147 value)
  • Bonus body image trainings ($797 value)
  • Bonus healthy weight workshop ($297 value)

Total value: $4,085

90-day happiness guarantee

This program is for women who are ready to take action and make change. I have so much confidence in this program and the process that I know if you put in the work, you will get the results. And I’m putting a guarantee on it. If you complete the entire program and implement the strategies, and don’t see any changes to your relationship to food, then just contact our team requesting a refund within 90 days of purchase.

It’s time to make a decision…

Option 1: Do nothing different

You can keep doing what you’re doing, but there’s a cost of inaction. Nothing changes if you don’t make a change. Will you spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars and weeks, months, or years of your life on another diet, looking for another solution (it’s not out there, I’ve looked), or stay stuck in your same patterns of over eating, feeling guilty, and overthinking every bite of food only to end up back where you are today? And with a slower metabolism, at a higher weight, and years of memories lost?

Option 2: You go all in

If you’re ready to save yourself time, energy, and brain space so you can go live your fullest life, this program is for you. You’ll have all of the education, strategies, and tools to conquer cravings, over eating, weight cycling, and obsessive food thoughts. In as little as 8 (or less) weeks. The choice is clear.

Get instant access now. It’s risk-free.

Are you ready to finally have more energy, cut cravings, and feel in control around all foods while building healthy habits that last?


frequently asked questions

You may have heard that intuitive eating (the foundation of the UNDIET method) is a weight-neutral approach, which means that weight loss is not the focus of this program (but we’re not anti-weight loss!). This is because we know that focusing on weight loss can actually have the complete opposite effect you’re going for. In fact, research shows that the pursuit of weight loss leads to long-term weight GAIN. Ugh. Instead of focusing on weight loss, we help you build healthy habits that you can actually keep up…for life. And these healthy habits will help you reach a weight that is easy for you to maintain (aka your body’s “happy weight”) so you can finally stop the cycle of losing and gaining and move on with your life.

Yes! The UNDIET Method is very different than what you see on social media or even what you might learn from reading an intuitive eating book. We hold your hand through the hard parts and don’t leave you out flailing just to end up bingeing on all of those foods you’re letting yourself eat again. There’s a strategic step-by-step process that we’ve perfected over the last 10 years. If you’re ready to make a change, do things differently and are open to being coached through it, then it will work for you.

This is a self-study program. I hand you the toolbox plus a roadmap of exactly what you need to do for success. Honestly, you will feel like I’m holding your hand through this process, and many people don’t need anything more! However, some people do find they want some additional support to overcome roadblocks. You always have the option after completing the course to upgrade to group coaching or 1:1 coaching. And your investment in the course gets you a discount on both.

The self-study is an excellent foundational course to give you the exact strategies and tools you need to stop starting over every Monday, stop restricting (only to end up bingeing), and to feel in control around all foods. You’ll learn how to finally build healthy habits that last. After over a decade of doing this work, I’ve really been able to refine this process to one that works for nearly everyone, which is what you’ll find in the course. It’s actually an accelerated version of what we do in 1:1 counseling (because with 1:1 we meet every 2 weeks and can’t cover as much as we can in a week of the self-study), and you’ll be able to make progress much more quickly with the self-study. 

The biggest difference is that you don’t get my individual feedback, which some people may eventually want. However, for most people, I recommend you start with the self-study and work through it over the next 8 weeks. Then if you find you need and want some additional support, you can upgrade to either 1:1 coaching or group coaching to help you move through any individual roadblocks, identify places you may not realize you’re stuck, and get an my personal attention to help you pinpoint exactly what to focus on. But you’ll have the foundation so you will need far less personalized support.

When you start with the course, there is no minimum commitment for 1:1. You can add on as much or as little support as you need. If you start with 1:1 you are committing to at least 3 months @ $485/mo, and most people need anywhere between 4-6 months of support. 

The only case in which I’d recommend someone to start with 1:1 is if you’re the kind of person who won’t do the work if you don’t have an appointment to show up with me. If that’s you, I do have a very limited number of spots for 1:1. You can book a call at to explore working together and see if it’s the right fit for you.

You’ll have forever access to the course materials including lessons, worksheets, guides, etc. You’ll also get access to any updates I make to materials in the future.

Email with your question and she will get back to you ASAP.

All of the resources are universal. Even the meal ideas, snack ideas, and grocery lists are ‘generic’ in the sense that you don’t need access to specific brands. I do share some of my favorite pre-packaged snack items (which includes some brands), but if you don’t have access to these products, you will not be at a disadvantage. That’s because I teach you exactly how to make food choices that support YOUR journey and YOUR body, including what to look for on a package or label.