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The undiet method small group coaching

Are you ready hit your health goals and feel good in your body without giving up your favorite foods?

It’s time to UNDIET Your Life.

The UNDIET Method will help you cut food cravings, ditch the guilt, and feel in control around all foods, so you can stop stressing about what you eat. Forever.

It’s time to end food and body obsession & build sustainable health habits without giving up your favorite foods.

does this sound familiar?

  • you’ve tried all the diets and nothing works anymore.
  • you experience intense cravings for “bad” foods.
  • you feel guilty when you’ve eaten something like bagels, pasta, cake, ice cream, or candy.
  • you feel out of control around foods like cookies, chips, pasta, or pizza and the only way you can stop yourself from eating them is to get them out of the house.
  • you’re constantly doing mental gymnastics about what you’re allowed to eat, when you can eat, and how much you have to exercise to make up for something you ate.
  • you can’t stop thinking about food all the time and just want all the thoughts to stop.
  • you long for the day of being able to eat at a restaurant or go on vacation and not stress about how it will affect your weight.
  • you are sick of dieting, bingeing, and stress eating.
  • you just want to eat normally and feel good about your food choices
we’ve helped hundreds of women build sustainable, healthy habits while letting go of diet rules and building confidence in their food choices and body.

here’s what previous UNDIETers have to say about small group coaching

MEET YOUR coach and founder of the undiet method

hey, I’m Sarah

registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and mom of 2 who runs on coffee and a strong passion for helping other moms feel confident around food and in their bodies.

Because there isn’t enough time in your day to obsess and stress about everything you eat.

Rooted in the principles of intuitive eating, my 6-pronged UNDIET method will help you build health habits that last and support the life you want.

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