Want to learn a little more what it will be like to work with Sarah? Here's what some of her clients have to say

Sarah is an expert in her field. She is highly regarded by members of the health/wellness/fitness community. I was introduced to Sarah by referral from my trainer. I have been a lifelong athlete but always struggled with proper nutrition. I wanted to work with Sarah on two goals: First to get a better understanding of proper nutrition; And second to apply that knowledge to improve my overall health, weight, and athletic performance, especially endurance running. From our very first meeting I was impressed with Sarah. She is bright, personable, and client-focused. She spent time listening to and probing on my goals. From there she was very effective in her ability to share back a plan with me and to outline an approach for how we could work together to help me accomplish my goals. Over the course of the six months we’ve worked together I’ve appreciate the phased approach we’ve taken to baseline my existing eating habits, educate me on healthy eating behaviors, patterns, and strategies (including recipes, food services, etc.) then evaluate - in both an analytical and qualitative manner - changes I could make. Throughout, I’ve been very happy with my experience and see her as partner and coach in the process. She’s made the overall experience a positive one, and does a really nice job being accessible. Most importantly, I have been able to achieve my goals - my weight is down and my average mile pace has improved. I’m grateful to her for giving me the tools I needed to make long term and sustainable healthy changes. I would strongly recommend Sarah to family and friends. She’s the best!”
— Chris, Greater Boston Area
Sarah is a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and she has a lot of great ideas about how to eat healthy when you’re living a busy life on-the-go. She helped me do a full “pantry clean-out and stock,” which included what to keep in bulk and on-hand in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. I learned about new ingredients liked hulled millet, and got new ideas for using old ingredients like oat meal, which I never knew I could make into a savory dinner in a pinch!

Sarah tailored her advice to me as someone who lives alone and cooks for one. She gets the psychology of getting bored with cooking and eating the same things all the time, so she helped me make things more interesting by teaching me how to make a few different sauces to keep things interesting when I’m using the same ingredients. She also had great practical tips like how to avoid letting food go bad, and having some “back-up” frozen veggies just in case things get crazy by the end of the week.

This was all-around a great service and there’s really nothing else like it. She’ll even make you a personal Pinterest page to send you recipes!
— Jillian, Portland, OR
“When I was referred to Sarah I had had it with diets. I just couldn’t count one more point or calorie and needed a better approach to weight management and feeling good in my clothes. I was so relieved when she told me she wasn’t putting me on another diet. I felt really comfortable working with Sarah from day one. Her no-judgement approach along with her belief that all foods fit made me feel at ease, something I hadn’t felt working with other nutritionists. She helped me put in place a better plan to handle food cravings and emotional eating that I didn’t even know I was doing. Sarah’s very knowledgable about the science of nutrition and takes a rational approach to eating. She was motivating, yet compassionate, and helped me see that eating doesn’t have to be stressful. And best of all I didn’t have to give up my favorite foods to feel good.”

— Melissa, Medfield, MA